Elements: A functional Photoshop at a fraction of the price


Adobe Elements is a software series which delivers the powerful photo-editing tools available in Photoshop at an exceptionally reduced price. As the name suggests, this software provides users with the fundamental elements of Photoshop, but with a streamlined interface that simplifies the photo editing experience. This allows even the most inexperienced users to make impressive corrections to their images, turning those pesky red-eyed or poorly lit photos into memories that will last a lifetime.

Best Features

If you’re thinking that this sounds a little like “Photoshop-lite,” well, in many ways, it is – but that’s not a bad thing! Elements is packed with great features that allow you to enhance your photos like a Photoshop pro – without all the complex modes and variables that still make our heads spin. “Photomerge” technology allows users to easily repair many problems that could ruin an otherwise fantastic-photo. In a few strokes, you can be rid of that stranger who walked into your photo at the most inopportune moment, or recover those great shots that didn’t turn out too well because your camera’s flash was off all night.

Elements makes the sky bluer and the grass greener, literally! Color correction can be achieved in one simple step. Users can also apply some of the great mask and layer effects from Photoshop, create custom calendars or greeting cards from provided templates, and have interactive tutorials accompany them every step of the way. The tutorials aren’t dry, either, they are packed with creative inspiration that will help you achieve the perfect image you had in mind. Once you’re done cleaning up your latest vacation photos, Elements users have the option of uploading their images to exclusive Adobe hosting sites, where they can be easily shared with friends and family (without the reduction in quality that is often associated with online image-hosting).

Customer Opinions

Elements is a must have for anyone who works with digital images, be it professionally or casually – and can’t justify the steep prices of full Photoshop purchases. Content-aware brushes and mask effects are just some of the new additions to Elements 9, which is quickly closing the gap between the functionality of Elements and Photoshop. If you work with digital images professionally, or just upload a few shots to Facebook from time to time, Elements is a great purchase that delivers the bulk of Photoshop’s features without leaving a burning hole in your wallet.


A price tag of only $79.99 gives Elements phenomenal value, allowing users to achieve effects that were previously only available to those willing to spend the $600+ asking price of Photoshop. The few features that Elements trims down on will not be noticed by the majority of users, making it almost functionally identical to Photoshop, for less than 1/6th of the price.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Review & Price



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