Acronis True Image 2013 Review: Data Protection Guaranteed!

The internet has taken the world by storm. Things that used to be physical before have adopted virtual dimensions. Like everyone else, my photographs, videos, essential documents, important financial data as well as my daily journal, all are now on the internet!

To avoid risking the loss of such important data, it became extremely essential for me to look for a reliable and safe method of storing my data and protecting it against harm.

What is Acronis True Image 2013?

My search for a solution finally came to an end when I came across a software known as True Image 2013. A product of Acronis, this software is a comprehensive storage solution for all my virtual data storage needs.

This great piece of software provides a secure, reliable and simple way to store and secure all my data. It creates automatic backups of my files regularly and keeps them stored safely in “the cloud”.

Cloud storage enables me to access and retrieve my data from any location using any device, which made things quite simple for me, as my job compels me to travel a lot. Now I do not have to stress about forgetting any important files at the office as I can access them easily from anywhere.

People around the world are now transitioning from manual to automated systems. This has increased the risk of loss, theft and misuse of important and confidential data. Due to these increasing risks, a need arose for a solution that could protect and secure essential data.

Acronis has created a solution for small home businesses as well as for individuals, which enables them to store and protect important data. Due to increasing demand, the company is now reaching customers in more than 90 countries globally, with the help of its well-established partner ecosystem.

What are the Benefits – Features?

I found that this cloud service is a very useful product. The key benefit of the product is that it automatically makes backups of all my data so I do not have to remind myself to make them. It is specifically developed to help small businesses and individuals secure their personal and professional data in a protected cloud environment.

Be it accounting records, tax information or a client database, the software will securely backup all such significant data. When it comes to personal use, True Image can safely store and protect your most cherished family moments that have been captured as pictures and videos, your music files, personal documents and other data. Some of the key benefits of this software are:

–          True Image 2013 boasts new synchronization technologies that allow users to seamlessly access their files from any device safely and quickly. Not only did this make it easier for me to share my files among my own devices, I could now share my files with my friends as well.

–          What sets this product apart from the rest is the huge amount of space it offers for storage.  As much as 250GB of encrypted cloud storage is available to cater to all your data storage needs. This allows me to save large files like my favorite movies and videos, which I can view and play anywhere and from any device.

–          The free mobile app helps me access and view all my files on my smart phone. This means that I have my entire data in the palm of my hand!

–          The government-grade 256-bit AES encryption provides double protection to all my data. This keeps all my data secure in the cloud even if my devices are stolen, broken or lost.

–          The amazing compatibility of this software with practically any device, including the latest Windows 8, is a perk as there is no limitation to which PC this software can work on.

–          The Multi-PC backup feature enables me to save my data on as many as 5 PCs in just a single subscription. This feature has made management of my data easy and stress-free.

–          The customer support centers of Acronis offer 24/7 assistance to customers around the world. Any issues that emerge were solved instantly without interrupting my work.

–          The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that buying the product does not mean you have to stick to it even if you are not satisfied with it.

I simply adore the “cloud storage” feature of this software. The fact that it allows me to carry my data everywhere with me keeps me relaxed and I do not have to fret about forgetting any files at home or at work.

What Information was Missing on the Website?

Along with the many benefits of this product, there are some drawbacks as well. One main drawback is that the company does not offer free return shipping of the product. This additional cost can be very discouraging when you are already paying a reasonable amount for the product.

Another drawback was that the website of the firm did not offer any customer reviews on its home page. In this day and age, most people search the internet first to find out what other people think about a particular product. The factors that they base their decision on also include the opinions of current or past users of a product. Customer reviews should be posted where visitors of a website can view them easily.

Similar Products / Competitors

I looked into two different cloud storage companies which are in direct competition with Acronis True Image 2013. The first company I looked at was Mozy and the second firm that I researched was KeepVault.

While going through the websites of all three companies, I found that the site of KeepVault wasn’t as user-friendly as the other two. Another very significant difference was compatibility of the software with various operating systems.

KeepVault is only compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. The new versions of MozyHome and MozyPro support and are certified with Windows 8 while MozyEnterprise is not compatible with Windows 8 yet. As compared to these, Acronis True Image 2013 completely supports all editions of Windows 8 and is ready to work on the latest PCs. This makes True Image flexible enough to operate on practically any PC.

Many companies are giving free trials for their products. While True Image and KeepVault offer limited free trials to customers, Mozy is offering a free service for an infinite time and only charge when customers need to upgrade the size of their storage.

One feature all three products offer involve mobile apps that can enable users to access their data even while on-the-go.

What are the Package Plans?

True Image 2013 for Home/Home Office

There are three versions available. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

1.      True Image 2013 by Acronis – For One PC ($49.99)

Upgrade Available for $29.99

This backup solution by Acronis protects your data, recovers it in the event of disasters and synchronizes it with all your devices. It is a very safe, secure and reliable option for data storage and backup.

2.      True Image 2013 by Acronis – Family Pack ($79.99)

Upgrade Available for $39.99

The family pack allows users to backup the data that is stored in 3 PCs. This not only gives users ample storage space, but also permits them to save data available in other PCs in their homes. For small businesses that are run from home offices, this is an ideal plan for safe and convenient data storage and backup.

3.      True Image 2013 by Acronis Plus Pack ($29.99)

Upgrade Available for $17.99

This is an additional add-on product that users can buy along with the primary software. It enables easy and secure migration of data between hardware without any loss of data. All your files can be transferred to new hardware in just a few mouse clicks.

What Kind of Customer Support is Acronis Providing?

Customer support is an extremely essential service provided by companies. A good customer service can instill faith and trust in a firm’s customers and win their loyalty. Acronis also offers 24/7 customer support to all of its global customers. It has won the 2013 Stevie® Award Winners for Sales & Customer Service. Their useful customer support centers are ready to assist users regarding any issue so that customers can work seamlessly without interruptions.

What Do Other Users Think About The Product?

Acronis has received mixed reviews from its customers. While some customers were extremely happy with the product, others were not as satisfied. Customers were of the opinion that the storage capacity provided for their needs was quite sufficient, however, a few that said it took ages for them to backup their data and that the program tends to freeze if it runs for too long.

Final Thoughts

With the world going completely virtual, it has become extremely important to have online backups of your data. Online services today offer you a set of some very essential features that help you store and recover your data easily. Acronis is a highly professional service that provides quality features and reasonable plans to choose from. Try it out for yourself and give us your feedback.

Where Can I Buy the Software?

You can buy Acronis True Image 2013 on Currently they are offering a 30-Day Free Trial so it’s a great idea to try the product before you buy it! This will allow you to check out the software and the features that it offers before you spend your money on something that does not satisfy you or does not meet your requirements.

Click here to view the software on

Where Can I Read More about it?

The best place to read and understand more of the program’s features and capabilities is Click here for further information.