Access your data from your Smart Phone!

Make life easier with your i-phone or Blackberry smart phones.

These days, everything is geared for convenience. When you are on the move and need to find something, time is short and you don’t want to mess about with tough technology to get what you want.

We live in busier times than ever before, and technology is changing all the time to keep up with our demands. People who spend time working and travelling need to have convenient ways to locate their information, without relying on time-consuming gadgets.

Online storage is no exception. There’s no point loading up all your data if you can’t get what you need. Storage solutions should be as convenient and easy to use as your personal hard drive. When you are in the middle of a phone conversation or looking for a file to send quickly to someone, it’s important that you can access what you need with as little effort as possible.

Keeping control of all your data

Carbonite online storage gives you the capability to access your data from your Smart phone, making it easy for you to get what you need, wherever you are. There is no need to buy extra memory to house your data on your phone, as Carbonite provides the space to keep everything for you. All you need to access ALL of your data is the phone, and an internet connection. It’s a bit like having your laptop or PC on hand, with all of your documents, all the time.

I found out just how useful this could be the other day, when I was working. I have a Blackberry Smartphone, and I had gone out to a business meeting with some colleagues. Someone asked me for a file which we needed to work from. Usually, if I’m away from my desk I have to wait until I get home and then e-mail the relevant data. For the first time, I was able to use my phone and simply find my document through Carbonite, and hand over the relevant PDF.

Who would have thought, a few years ago, that we could transfer data so easily?

Superb functionality for Blackberry users…

Here’s what you can do with the BlackBerry application through Carbonite:

Browse: You can browse the directory structures on all your Carbonite-backed-up computers.

View: Bring up PDFs, photos, music and video files, Excel, Powerpoint, Word documents and other text files can be opened and viewed right on your BlackBerry.

Share: You can forward any file via email, right from your phone.

With this much functionality, it seems that bulky storage solutions are a thing of the past. Imagine the possibilities – stuck in an airport and need to send information back to work? Simply e-mail it. In a band, and want to access some lyrics or music? Download them and you’re ready to go!

Life will, quite simply, never be the same again!