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Hi, my name is John, I am a small-business owner, and one of the traits I use to make it flourish is my perfectionism. I like things to be in order, and I like seeking out products and services that bring quality, reliability, strong warranties and great service.

Why I set up this blog

Both when I was a student, and when I started running my own business, I often relied on people around me to recommend products and services when I couldn’t choose the best one myself.

I realized that getting first-hand testimonials is a much more powerful and safe way of making purchasing decisions, as the information comes from a trusted source. I made a pledge to help people by providing first-hand accounts of my experiences with technology, so I can support people with no self-interest or biased, and become a trusted friend when it comes to choosing products.

I have been using computers for the past eighteen years, and have learned the hard way about the pitfalls and problems that can arise from technology!

My mission is to support people with my blog, to give you somewhere safe to come to make decisions. The blog is about software reviews, information technology, web tools, productivity and special offers / coupons, as this is an area where I came up against the most difficulty when selecting the right package. If you can benefit from my past mistakes, then all the better!

Usually, when someone knows a lot about a particular subject, it’s because they learned the hard way. My idea is to present my findings so you don’t have to!

Please give me your feedback on the site, and feel free to ask questions or request topics which you are interested in, that you would like to see me cover. I’d love to grow this blog to make it the best online resource around when it comes to giving free, unbiased advice on technology.

I hope you find the site useful.

With best wishes,



How do we evaluate our recommended software products?

Our website’s criteria regarding recommended software and other related products is explained below:

– Evaluation is centered on a number of elements, amongst them customer reports from users of the products, retailers’ comments and appraisals, website blogs and analysis, and our own personal verdicts if we have tested the software ourselves.

– We research for products that are easy to use, preferably user- friendly and worth the money that is paid for them. First class customer service and a warranty are also essential. When all is said and done, we only suggest products that we ourselves would purchase.

– Please remember: We do our utmost to ensure that our assessments are as reliable as possible, but we, along with anyone else, are not infallible. So before you are in a position to purchase appraised software that is recommended on our website, we suggest you engage the merchant (contact via email, live chat or phone number), thus ensuring you obtain the right product, including the full array of features advertised.

– We will never accept payment for positive reviews. Our ultimate goal is fairness to you, our audience and the merchants.

– We (including the administrator and everyone who is registered at as an editor or any other kind of user) are not liable for whatever reasons the product(s) / article(s) or post(s) we review / post in this website, does not meet the visitor(s) / viewer(s) needs. We are also not liable for any kind of action / purchase decision taken in this website or any other third party website(s). We do not force anyone to buy anything. The decision either you want to buy or you don’t want to buy a product or service that is posted on this website, it’s totally up to the viewer(s) or visitor(s) understanding and we have nothing to do with it.

Disclaimer: This website is totally independent, unsupported by any company or manufacturer. Independently, we have created this site as a resource for recommended products and our appraisals are focused on the qualities of each item, which may relate to consumer assessments, or our own evaluation of the item or both.

Sometimes we receive sample products from companies, where this has happened, references are made to the fact in the specific review.

Occasionally, our appraisals will contain links to products. This enables us to finance and maintain this website and blog, based on the commission received from transactions undertaken by way of those links. Read our affiliate disclosure here.

If you do not agree with our privacy and product evaluation policies we mentioned above, please don’t use this website.

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