A Guide to Web Conferencing for Telecommuters

web conferencing information

web conferencing informationTelecommuting through the use of web conferencing is quickly becoming a popular business tool for companies all over the world. In a recent example of web conferencing on the world stage, the London Olympics encouraged local businesses to use web conferencing to telecommute. London officials encouraged this in an effort to reduce traffic congestion during the games and to remain as eco-friendly as possible.

During the first week of the Olympics, cloud service providers recorded a 245% increase in usage in the UK and businesses experienced normal work days because of using internet conferencing. In a recent study, it was found that if U.S. and British corporations were to use online conferencing and telecommuting, it would reduce 5.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save businesses millions of dollars in energy and travel costs.

There are many obvious benefits to corporations and the environment for telecommuting, but many companies are still leery of the idea. These companies should consider the following benefits to employees telecommuting through the use of online conferencing.

Allows for Full Participation

In the past, telecommuting was limited to email and phone calls and was not a widely practiced business model. However, with web conferencing today, employees are able to use video, email, phone, application sharing, chat, presentations and many more interactive features that allow employees full participation in the work force.

Works for Many Professions

Video conferencing and telecommuting is an easy way to allow interaction all over the world with business partners, co-workers and clients. It can work for many and most professions in the corporate and small business world. In some cases, online conferencing and telecommuting can’t be used daily, but could be used in a setting as simple as a lawyer meeting with a client over the web for the client’s convenience. It also could be used daily for such professions as programmers, traffic producers, college professors, loan agents, and many other versatile professional careers.

Saves Time and Money

Whether using public transit or driving a vehicle, gas and time are used daily in the commute to a workplace. By using the genius of web conferencing, employees save countless travel hours and gas expenses while working from home, coffee shops, or other places of their choice. If a company were able to use full video conferencing for every employee, overheard costs such as rent and utilities would virtually become nonexistent, therefore saving both employees and business owners time and money.

Allows Employees to Work When Ill, Injured, or on Maternity Leave

Employees who are ill, injured, recovering from surgeries, or on maternity leave are able to “come back” to work through the use of telecommuting and web conferencing quicker than those who would need to physically travel to a work place. The use of web conferencing allows these employees to still work effectively while enjoying the comforts of home and recovering from what would otherwise leave them incapacitated.

Works World Wide

Telecommuting allows employees and business owners the opportunities to connect and work with people all over the world. Whether within a few miles, a few states, or a few countries away, internet conferencing allows face to face interaction over the internet for businesses worldwide. This interaction includes working with multiple professions as suggested above as well as with companies and with clientele.

A Useful Tool

Web conferencing is a useful tool to employees who work well by themselves and are self starters. Many businesses that have made the change to telecommuting have reported higher efficiency and productivity among employees and some employees mention that they love being able to wear pajama bottoms to work.

Employees also use web conferencing to relate easier to clients. Clients enjoy not needing to travel to a location to meet with representatives and being able to view products online while being able to ask questions with direct, face to face contact with an employee of a business.


The use of telecommuting and web conferencing in the workplace is a revolutionary business tool that is rapidly changing the pace and practices of businesses worldwide. With so many benefits to corporations, the environment and employees, online conferencing is becoming a popular alternative to physical commuting and resulting in better employee and customer experiences and conveniences.

Jonathan Trent works as a writer and Internet marketing specialist for NextUC.com– hosted Microsoft Lync solutions. When not at work, Jonathan enjoys reading tech blogs, social networking, and playing the guitar.