7 Apps Every Runner Should Consider

Back in the day, running around the block was as simple as popping in your headphones and jogging for an hour. Today, things are so much different with your smartphone. Now, you can find out how many calories you burnt, where you’ve been running and even find out where your friends are running too.

best running apps

If you’re an avid runner and you do own a smartphone, you may want to give these seven apps a shot:

#1 RunKeeper (Free)

RunKeeper is probably one of the most popular running applications on the market. This app allows you to track runs, jogs, walking and even biking. With this app, you’re able to track your pace, how many calories you’ve burned, where you have gone and you can even compare to previous runs. This is a great way to compare your runs if you repeat the same route often.

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#2 Nike+ Running (Free)

Like RunKeeper, Nike+ Running has the same concept. The only thing that you will notice that is different with this app is that you can implement music, get motivated by other people and you can even get detailed reports based on the weather you ran in. If you have any Nike running accessories, this app can easily connect with them, too.

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#3 MapMyRun (Free)

If you’re focused on tracking your route, MapMyRun is probably an app to consider. Like RunKeeper, this application will help track your run, watch your calories, follow your elevation and even help you track your nutrition for the day. This is a great app for those that need a bit of guidance with their daily diets.

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#4 Runmeter ($3)

Runmeter is a combination of MapMyRun and RunKeeper. While this app does cost money, many runners tend to be happy with it due to its awesome accuracy. Runmeter is great for recording your location, your run time, elevation and how fast you’re going. After your run is done, Runmeter allows you to upload your data to the computer online.

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#5 RunCalc ($0.99)

RunCalc is a very simplistic app that can help crunch numbers during your run. This app will solely focus on your speed as you run your route. During and after your run, you can see your current pace, the distance you have traveled and your overall average.

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#6 iRaceMe ($0.99)

Yes, running can be boring at times but with this application, iRaceMe makes running fun again. The sole purpose of this game is to race against yourself from previous runs. So if you’re looking to beat older run speeds, this is a fun and addicting app to try out. Once you get the first training session through, you can race yourself run after run to see if you can beat your previous scores.

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#7 Zombies, Run! ($7.99)

Sticking to the game theme, Zombies, Run! takes a different approach compared to iRaceMe. Instead of racing yourself, you will have to run faster than the zombies that are chasing you. Using your GPS, you will have to avoid the imaginary zombies by running fast. If you slow down, this is where the points can add up.

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Kathy, a recent graduate student from Michigan, works for Howmuchisit. Howmuchisit.org is a website designed to help consumers find out what things can cost. Reach out to her on Twitter @howmuchforit.