5 Ways to Produce Results This New Year

It’s the first day of 2011! I was so excited I didn’t want to waste any of my time today! After the New Year’s Eve celebration was over I didn’t sleep too long. I got up early, found paper and a pen, and sat down in my office to write important things I must do for the New Year.

As I was trying to think of what I could include in my list, a strange thought came to me; I asked myself, “what if I didn’t make a wish list or set goals for this year? What if instead I wrote down how I could produce results for everything I hope to achieve?” Is there anything exciting that you want that has the power to inspire and push you instead of something you have to force yourself to do? The matter is that push requires “will power” and will power never lasts. Now what would last is the “pull” or a special force. That “pull” derives from something that you passionately want.  Here are five key points to remind yourself what you need to perceive. By following them, you will maintain that special force or “pull” and through it you will achieve your goals.

1. Take Control. Most people don’t know how to control themselves in many aspects. One aspect can be eating.  Some don’t know when to stop eating; they don’t stop when they are full.  Instead, they stop when they feel bloated and needed five cans of soda to ease their stomach. Another example is speaking. Too many times we get caught up in conversation and are the ones who do more than 80% of the speaking. Think back to conversations you’ve had with peers when you have chattered on and not given the other person an opportunity to speak. The first and most important thing in our lives is communication.  We need to be able to communicate with ourselves first! It is to take control of our thinking process, and understand how and why we do things.

2. Focus. It is a tool that will align you with your goals. All your energy is spent on where you place your focus. Let’s say you want to lose weight for example, and you think how boring and painful it can be instead of thinking about the results such as better health, better appearance, and the amount of energy you will acquire.  Now what you would normally do is think how hard you have to work to get the shape you desire. Guess what! You will feel so bored and tired instantly! Now close your eyes and imagine how you would feel if you were 15 pounds lighter? What’s the energy level your body could be in? Focus on where you want to go, not what you afraid of! This will help you reach your goals sooner, and more pleasantly.

3. Persistence. Do not give up! Instead of telling yourself all the negative things you could think or find in your way, change your internal communication! Speak to yourself with words or phrases that will empower you! If you want success in your life, you have to take out the word “impossible” from your dictionary! Nothing’s impossible.  Now don’t tell me that you did your best because I know that you can find any excuse to stop yourself from achieving your goals, your dreams, or whatever else that’s important to you by thinking negatively. Persistence is what will bring you closer to whatever you desire.

4. Faith. When you want something really bad you have to know why. What will actually lead you to achieve what you want is faith. It is our beliefs that determines what we want. It is not only our beliefs, but how much faith we have for what we desire! If you are certain about something, you have no fear and you will move towards your desire. This depends on your level of faith.

5. Take Action. Stop wasting your time. Whatever you think is going to work to achieve what you need is what you need to put in action! Make a decision. The decision should be instant, just do it; nothing to think about further. A real decision is when you cut off everything else except what you’re committed to. Taking action is the most important thing. What we really need in our lives is progress. How can we have progress when we don’t do what we say we’ll do?

Life is full of opportunities. In our age we have plenty of knowledge. What we have to do is to put that knowledge down and take action. Life is growth. If we follow through these steps we’ll produce results; the results we want for a better life.

Happy New Year

John Mak