5 Things You Didn’t Know About Online Backup Services

What I Thought I Knew

I thought my data was safe. It was on my computer, just like yours probably is. I kept my files on my hard drive, figuring that nothing was likely to happen to them. What were the odds that my new computer would crash? I didn’t want to deal with figuring out some complicated backup system and then have to pay for it. I transferred all of my data and wiped out my old computer. I felt secure. I was wrong. And I paid for my mistake. My new computer didn’t crash, but when my house was robbed, my new computer was stolen. I lost everything. Thousands of dollars of purchased media was gone. All of my work files – missing. My family photos and videos are lost and I can never replace them.

What I Wish I Knew

1.  Backing up data and media online can protect you from all kinds of disasters. Whether a computer is stolen like mine, destroyed in a fire, or crashed, data won’t be lost. Malware and viruses destroy data all the time. Thousands of laptops are stolen from homes or cars every year. Any of those circumstances could be less painful if the computer owners used online backup services.

2.  You can access your backed up files from anywhere at any time. Talk about convenience. With an online backup service you can access any backed up files from any computer anywhere in the world at any time you want.

3.  Backing up files could save your job! Sometimes, we bring work home. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Imagine working all night on a presentation for an important meeting. You save everything meticulously to your laptop. In the morning, you are so tired that you forget your laptop at home. If you had online backup, you could access the saved file from a computer at the office in minutes!

4.  Online backups can be set for automatic intervals. Thinking of online backup, you might say, “Oh, great. One more thing I have to remember.” Well, you don’t have to remember. You can set up these services to automatically backup any updated files. You can set the schedule and know that your data will automatically be backed up daily or weekly at times of your choosing.

5.  You might even get your stolen computer back! Just think of it. If you set your computer to backup data on a regular basis, what will happen when the thief uses it? Your regularly scheduled backup could very well contain some of the burglar’s data. And that data might just lead to an arrest and the return of your property.

What I Know Now

Online backup services can safely, securely backup all kinds of data files with high level SSL encryption. Redundancy is often used to ensure that files are protected in the event of a problem with the service. Backup can be done manually and automatically. After the initial backup, subsequent ones are extremely fast as they only back up new or changed files. There are several pricing options and they are really quite reasonable. Isn’t your data worth protecting?