4 Surefire Ways to Secure Your Online Business with Backups

4 Surefire Ways to Secure Your Online Business with BackupsOne of the most horrific scenarios that any online business can face is the deletion or corruption of its website files. To an online business, its site is the sole route through which customers can get aware of its existence and its services. It is through its website that an online business convinces the customer to buy its services and it is through this very website that all the revenue of the business flows.

In case the site of such an establishment goes down, it is sure to take the business down with it as there is no way for the business to collect revenues from even the existing customers, let alone get new ones. This is why backing up your website is one of the most important things that you can do, especially if you depend on it exclusively to get customers and interact with them.

When it comes to backup solutions for your website, the best possible option is a full site backup. This way, you don’t have to worry about backing up individual sections of the website. All you need is the right backup schedule and a good backup service and you can breathe easy when it comes to threats to your website.

1. Backing up Your Entire Website

There are a number of ways in which you can backup your entire website. Some of your options are manual, FTP file transfers of your entire website and a fully automated streamlined service that you can avail to make timely and complete backups of your site. The most basic way in which you can make a complete backup of your website would be to connect to it via an FTP server and download all the content on it into an appropriate folder.

The disadvantages of such a technique are that it doesn’t have the ability to streamline and download only modified files, hence, every backup has to be a full download of all the content on the website. Moreover, downloading all the files via FTP is a slow and tedious process. The range of solutions that can alleviate these symptoms associated with a manual backup includes backing up with rsync, backing up to a cloud service and finally a fully automated backup service/solution.

2. Backing up Your Theme

For any business that does the majority of its dealings online through a website, the theme of the website is just as important as the content. Themes are also an integral part of WordPress websites. WordPress site owners typically invest lots of time and money in coming up with the perfect theme that suits their website and their purpose.

Backing up a theme is very easy on a WordPress site. One great way to do this for free is to backup your site using CPanel. This is a procedure in which a backup of your entire site is created which contains all the key elements including your content, plugins, themes etc. thus ensuring that in the unlikely event that a catastrophe occurs and causes you to lose your site, you can have it back up and running in no time.

3. Backing up Your Plugins

Plugins are one of the reasons that WordPress is as popular as it is today. These nifty little bits of software are what gives the owner of a WordPress site the ability to add several great functionalities to their websites like custom formats for each post that enable give the site owner much more control over the website and how it displays content and features.

The best part about WordPress plugins is that there is a very large number of plugins for various functions, including backing up your website. There are a number of backup plugins, free and commercial that you can be used with a WordPress site. These include: WP DB Manager, Online Backup for WordPress, Automatic WordPress Backup, Backup Buddy, WordPress Backup etc.

4. Backing up Your WordPress

When it comes to sites that are exclusively WordPress based, things get more interesting and much easier. WordPress is one of the single most popular platforms on the web today thanks to the large number of plugins, themes, and ease of use when it comes to setting up and deploying a website. Plugins are the main forte of the WordPress platform.

There are a host of backup plugins that can be used to back up your WordPress site so that it can be restored perfectly in case something untoward happens to it. In addition to the back up plugins mentioned above, here are some other plugins that will also make the process of backing up your WordPress site much easier: BlogVault, Vaultpress, myEASYbackup, Backupify, and many more.


Full site backups are critical for any online or web based business and can often prove to be the wisest investment in a website. When backing up, it is better to use professional storage  solutions or services rather than opting for manual back up by downloading the entire site. Moreover, for WordPress sites, the job of backing up the website is made easier by various back up plugins.