30 Best Twitter Safety Tips

Twitter offers tremendous benefits to users. It helps people achieve their different intentions; individuals and businesses alike. A single tweet will update all your followers about a special event or expose personal secrets and so on. “Follow me on twitter” and “follow us on twitter”, has become a common term in the lips of many online business owners and individuals. Even if we enjoy doing this, we have to make sure that we are safe from twitter crimes and twitter related potential risks. Here are 30 best twitter safety tips to help us preserve our twitter anonymity and ensure our safety while we get the best from twitter.

  • Be careful of your tweets. Most search engines like Google and Yahoo have began to index tweets, this alone, will expose your tweets to many other people.
  • Never tweet your routine activities. Posting messages about your routine activities can make you a potential target for cyber criminals.
  • Don’t tweet your personal and contact information like phone number, social security numbers, addresses etc.
  • Do not share you sensitive data with any follower even if they ask for it. Share such information with people you know very well, probably, in person.
  • Tell your kids to confront you before they follow any person, group, club or business on twitter.
  • If you receive any threat from twitter, inform the necessary disciplinary bodies.
  • Take a good record of the messages you receive from twitter, the senders, date received and as many data as you know that can help you track such messages and senders. This information will be submitted to the law enforcement bodies during report of a suspected behavior.
  • Decide on your own personal guidelines to follow before you start using twitter. This will help you stay away from unnecessary tweets that can land you into trouble.
  • Don’t tweet your personal picture. Every body following you on twitter don’t have to take look on your face.
  • Always try to understand the function of any tweeting tool before you use them. Some of them request for usernames, passwords and other personal data.
  • Do not include too much personal information on your tweeter profile. You may not be able to control who reads it and who does not.
  • Do not click on un-scanned links.
  • Update your antivirus often to help you stay safe from harmful links and contents.
  • Ignore web-based applications that may request for your twitter username or password. Some are designed to grab this information from you and use them against you later.
  • To stay anonymous and safe, you should frequently change your twitter password. Create strong passwords each time without password generators.
  • Disguised URLs may hide potential risks.
  • Most times you might receive email messages asking you to reset your twitter username or password. Ignore these messages and block such addresses from sending you anything in the future.
  • If you are new to twitter or perhaps only have few friends, consider making your tweets private. This will help to some extent.
  • Twitter requests that you should report any spam message. Make use of this service and also block such messages in the future.
  • Don’t get involved in activities that are against twitter policies and terms of services. This may get you labeled and find your account suspended.
  • Avoid using services or applications that may promise to get you thousands of followers within a short period. They may constitute potential dangers.
  • If you notice that your username or twitter identity is used to send fraudulent messages or for any other purpose, please report such impersonation immediately.
  • Only follow people and business you know in real life. We know that this may not be possible in some cases, but the more control you have over the choice of the people you follow and people who follow you the better secure will be.
  • Make your profile information short and simple. This will help guide you from giving out too much information.
  • Do not tweet while on the road. While you enjoy the fun that twitter provides allowing it to take control of you could be very dangerous too.
  • Use your common sense, don’t trust every update or tweet that you read.
  • People can get so happy with a gift and may tweet that they have just received a gold ring from their boy friend, a limousine car or that they have won a lottery. Don’t attract unnecessary attention to yourself with your tweets.
  • Turn off the twitter’s location feature. This feature is new and it uses your IP address to get and display your location.
  • Don’t tweet something you may not be willing to share in the public.  They might not just be seen by your friends.
  • Trust your instincts when it comes to safety and follow your inner voices.