3 Tools to Help Strengthen Relationships While Family is Away

3 Tools to Help Strengthen Relationships While Family is Away

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Keeping in touch over long distances was once done through the long process of letter writing. That soon turned into long distance telephone calls, and then emails.

Now through our computers we can not only email our loved ones as they fight for our freedom or work overseas, we can video chat with them, hear their voices and follow where they are through social media.

This is truly a gift that technology has given us. If you have a loved one who will soon be traveling abroad or even just a few states away, there are several ways to use technology to keep in touch.

Technological Tools

To keep in touch through technology, we must first have the necessary tools. With all the options available to us today, it is fairly safe to say that three technological tools are necessary for keeping in touch with loved ones while they are gone.

1. Smartphones 

Today’s smartphones are mobile computers that allow us the opportunity to use many communication avenues. Beyond being able to call and speak with loved ones, those who utilize a smartphone can text the long distance person as well as instantly check emails, post images, incorporate long distance apps or check social media sites.

2. Tablets

Working in a similar way to a smartphone, tablets are an excellent way to communicate with those who are hundreds of miles away. Tablets are perfect for the whole family to use when communicating through video chat because everyone can see and it’s a mobile device that can be handed from one person to the next.

3. All-in-One Computers

The new all-in-one computers are a great resource for families wishing to stay in touch. These computers save space on a desk with their sleek tower-less design while providing all the opportunities of a smartphone or tablet and then some.

These computers allow families to participate in video chatting, view social media and even access the same apps that are available to tablet or smartphone users.

Programs and Apps to Share Your World

Now that we are equipped with the right technological tools, it’s time to utilize the wide world of apps and websites that improve communication across continents.

There have been several apps and social media sites designed specifically for long distance communication and those include cool features like Google+’s video Hang Outs or knowing where a person is through the app of Foursquare.

Other cool apps include Glympse (an app that tracks a person’s traveling to show their current location and how close they may be to their destination… perfect for knowing how many hours until that special loved one is home,) Pair (an app just for couples in long distance relationships) and Skype for video chatting, texts and emails.

At the very least, with the right technological tools, families can stay in touch over sites like Facebook or through the video chat features on their smartphone (iPhones have video calling,) tablets (also enabled with a video camera feature,) and all-in-one desktop computers.

Technology to Keep in Touch

We’ve come a long way from the days of long distance phone calls from a land line or even letter writing. Thanks to current technologies we are able to speak with our loved ones across a few miles, entire countries, continents and the globe.

How do you utilize technology to remain in connect with those serving in the military or working away from home?

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